One of the most common reasons for PC malfunctions is outdated device drivers. When a driver is very old or broken, the device it is responsible for will not work the way it is supposed to, leading to unexpected crashes or errors. Since it’s the driver that tells Windows how it should handle the device, without this guidance Windows may start displaying error messages, the device may work with problems or not work at all, or, in the most severe cases, it may lead to your computer not being able to boot up.

Keeping drivers up to date is a job advanced users may be able to do manually, by checking each installed driver, then going to the device manufacturer’s website and looking for the latest driver version that would match the device’s specs. However, since getting an incorrect driver downloaded and installed can potentially cause serious device or system malfunctions, users who don’t have much experience in PC maintenance should use special software to handle this task.

The Number One Driver Tool and the most recommended software program that lets PC users automatically update their drivers is TweakBit Driver Updater. Instead of having to manually go through all PC drivers one by one, users can launch TweakBit Driver Updater and have it scan the entire system for any drivers that might be old or broken. The scan results show details of all detected driver issues and allow a user to choose which drivers they want to update, or to let the software automatically update all drivers that need updating. Drivers can be backed up to ensure top safety for all updates. The software saves time and simplifies the task for inexperienced PC users who would otherwise be forced to hire a professional to fix their PC.

TweakBit Driver Updater can be downloaded from here.